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WE help Children of incarcerated parents do more than JUSt play sports...

We help them stay in the game.

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There is an opportunity divide for Children of Incarcerated Parents to participate in sports.

2 in 3 system-impacted families have difficulty meeting basic financial needs, yet financing a child’s participation in sports can cost hundreds of dollars per year.

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Sports provide numerous clearly defined benefits for children.

Sports are scientifically proven to have life-long positive effects on a child’s life, including increased self-esteem and self-confidence, social skills development, sportsmanship and teamwork, and many more. These benefits are particularly impactful for children of incarcerated parents (CIPs) who face a 2X risk of mental health problems and many other challenges as a direct result of parental incarceration.

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Put Me In! provides committed recurring annual financial aid grants to CIPs to support their participation in athletics.

Our annual grants aim to help children of incarcerated parents get onto teams and experience the many benefits associated with participation in competitive and recreational sports.

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Help Bring Sports to Children of Incarcerated Parents

Join us in bringing sports to children of incarcerated parents. Your support will help children turn obstacles into opportunities and build brighter futures for decades to come.


Julian Edelman

Super Bowl LIII MVP | New England Patriots
PMI! Athlete Ambassador