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Put Me In! is a software-powered nonprofit.

We’ve built a mobile application (for caregivers) and a program administration application (connected to the mobile application). Our software provides a beautiful and simple user experience for caregivers, streamlines program administration and compliance, and underpins near-term growth and long-term scalability.

Launching during the pandemic taught us to build relationships with caregivers and CIPs through digital channels. In 2021, as we began receiving financial aid requests through manual processes (email, text, phone calls), we saw a clear opportunity to build software to simplify our operations. We tracked every detail and process of our business, began designing software in mid-2021, and formally launched our software in 2022.

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Review funding history

Request funds

Direct payments or reimbursements

Manage child’s profile

Add or remove sports

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Why Did Put Me In! Build Software?

We built software to solve a serious need: we must become more efficient as we grow. Managing caregiver relationships with email, text and phone call spaghetti quickly becomes inefficient with growth. We couldn’t find an existing solution that served our reasonable user needs and feature requirements.

The front-ends didn’t have or connect with the back-end we needed; the back-ends didn’t have or connect with the front-end we needed. Data were scattered, and frequent messages with caregivers required multiple follow-ups to ensure all the required information was captured. Additionally, all transaction data was manually tracked in spreadsheets and external, bulky CRM systems with manually-generated reports.

With our software, caregivers use a mobile app to complete a simple form that guides the user to provide all the required information; transaction data and correspondence via in-app messaging are automatically stored.

  • Our software reduces the time required to complete a funding request by 90%+ compared to the previous manual review and distribution processes.
  • Our software will enable our program to scale nationwide without needing locally stationed staff as we expand to new cities over time.

About the Software

Put Me In!’s software includes a mobile application for caregivers (available on Apple and Android) and a web application for Put Me In! administrators to manage the program.

Mobile Application for Caregivers

The mobile application was built with deep empathy for its end users – in most cases, single mothers who often work multiple jobs and raise families with annual household incomes under $50,000. The mobile app has simple features that allow caregivers to request financial aid (either as reimbursement or a direct payment from Put Me In!), manage their annual $1,000 budget, and message or seek assistance directly with Put Me In! staff.

Web Application for Put Me In! Program Administration

The admin web platform allows Put Me In! to centralize all transaction data from financial aid disbursements and simplify the fund request processing process. A Put Me In! administrator is notified when a caregiver submits a fund request or sends a message via the mobile app. An administrator reviews the fund request or message directly in the web application, processes it, marks it complete, or follows up with the caregiver for additional information. The caregiver is informed through notifications and messaging throughout the process.

Building the Software

ASAP is Poison.

We build software slowly, carefully, and with inspiration from the best. Our philosophy for software development is simple:


  • Any potential new feature must fight and win a “cage-match” battle to be developed
  • Building good software takes time and thought – we prioritize long walks and thinking before building!
  • Focus on being “good enough” - prioritize getting in the hands of users and then slowly and carefully iterate based on feedback from them.

Put Me In! is deeply grateful for the partnership and support of Ben Metcalfe, CPrime, and Maru Algorata/Tarmac.

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