Unleash the potential in every child.

Our mission is to increase access to sports for children of incarcerated parents.

Put Me In! provides committed recurring financial aid grants to CIPS to support their participation in athletics. Annual grants begin while a CIP is in middle school, and our support continues through high school. Our financial aid helps cover the costs of equipment and registration fees.

We provide committed recurring annual financial aid

Our financial aid grants are $1,000 per year per CIP from middle school through high school. Once a CIP is enrolled in PMI!, she or he is guaranteed the financial aid through high school.

We partner & collaborate

We identify and engage with CIPs and their caregivers through referrals and collaboration with CBOs, government agencies, and other non-profits that serve and support system-impacted families.

We help cover the costs of sports

Our financial aid helps cover the cost of equipment, uniforms, league participation fees, and other expenses directly associated with participation in sports.

We are efficient

Our organization is designed to efficiently distribute financial aid to support long-term participation in sports by CIPs.

We are private & confidential

Our outreach and enrollment are discreet, confidential, and private.

Our targeted long-term outcomes for the children we serve are:

  • Increased self-esteem
  • Increased personal resilience
  • Unlocking the broad range of positive mental and physical health benefits derived from participation in sports.

We partner with community-based organizations (CBOs), public sector agencies, and aligned non-profits to identify CIPs for enrollment.

Our organization is efficiently structured to maximize our resources and focus on providing financial aid to help cover the costs of sports for CIPs – an investment in a child’s life and potential. Our partnership-based approach is intended to reinforce the work and efforts of other CBOs and agencies and increase awareness of the challenges facing system-impacted children.

Our Founding Story

We were founded in 2020 by Matt Blodgett. Put Me In! was born from Matt’s personal experience, where participation in competitive sports helped Matt overcome challenges associated with parental incarceration during his high school years. Matt also serves as our Executive Director.

Help Bring Sports to Children of Incarcerated Parents

Join us in bringing sports to children of incarcerated parents. Your support will help children turn obstacles into opportunities and build brighter futures for decades to come.


Julian Edelman

Super Bowl LIII MVP | New England Patriots
PMI! Athlete Ambassador